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Safe TMS is an SAP application; providing a safe, controlled and automated transport mechanism.

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How Does It Work?

Safe TMS works in a logical sequence of steps.

You start by entering transportable ticket ID's or request numbers. Ticket ID's can also be pulled from your ticketing system.

Safe TMS shows a list of corresponding requests, and selects transportables. You can manually change the selection here.

If you have transport date/time rules, you get a corresponding warning.

Necessary steps for a safe transport are determined and listed. You can edit any step manually.

Before executing the transport, Safe TMS runs various checks on objects & tickets to ensure the stability of the target systems.

When you are ready to transport, Safe TMS will process all steps automatically without ever leaving the cockpit screen.
You can also forward the live transport step to your basis team.


Some Highlights

Safe TMS is designed to provide an easy transport experience while protecting the consistency of your live systems.

Central cockpit

Runs from a single cockpit in the dev system. No repair or enhancement needed.

Security checks

Runs various security checks before the transport, ensuring the consistency of your live system.


Generates and displays transport steps, enabling you to modify them before transporting.

Automatic transport

Runs transport steps fast & automatically. Live imports can be delegated to a distinct team.

Ticketing system integration

Talks with other systems like Jira or ChaRM. Finds ticket requests and update tickets after transport.


Provides customization, user exits and extendability to ensure the best fit to your system.


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